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Stressing Over Scaling Your Sales Team is Over...

We find top talent to help sales leaders scale without the stress


Sales Teams Scaled


Revenue Added to Clients in the Past 12 Months


Average Client Retention Rate on The Reps We Recruit 

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We're Not Recruiters, We're Sales Team Development Experts

 In the last two years, we’ve added over 10,000,000 in revenue to clients, and helped hundreds of sales leaders add over six figures in revenue to their teams… 


We understand that it can be hard & stressful to fill your team with high-performing reps, we make it easy.


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Top Talent is the Secret to Stress-Free Scaling

Without Top Talent

Stressed Out Training Unmotivated Reps, If Bringing on Reps at All...

​No time to work on your business, only inside of it

No Freedom

With a Prospecting Team

Stress-Free, Profitable, & Predictable Flow of New Reps

​Time to Work on Your Business, Instead of Inside of It

The Freedom You Were Looking For Out of Running a Business

We Place Top Talent to Profitably Scale Your Sales Team

Audience & Offer Development

We’ll develop your audience into one with a massive pain that attracts & converts strangers into high-performing reps. We’ll develop your offer into one that's too good to say no to.

Many of our clients have reps that aren't motivated enough to meet their ideal revenue targets. The best recruiting & training in the world won't make up for an unmotivated rep...

Recruiting Team Placement

We’ll develop, train, & place an expert recruiting team into your business.

Many of our clients hate doing their own recruiting, but don't like the other solutions in the market  either.

Grow Stress Free

We'll give you the operating procedures developed by 8/9 figure sales leaders to recruit, train, & ascend reps into leaders.

Once, you've got an abundance of quality reps coming in, the next step is ascending them into future leaders of your organization.

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